How Bad Bible Ruined A Good Message

Read Time: 3 minutes

It is very important to get your Bible right.

During a service project weekend, our junior high group had the chance to go to a church plant in the neighborhood we were serving. The building we had been staying in was used as their meetings space, and as our sleeping bags gave way to folding chairs and sound equipment it was fun to see our students watch a room become a sanctuary.

The musical style was different than our church, we loved it. The worship style was different than our church, our students embraced. The preaching style was different than our church, and most of the students left saying, “wow! that was a great message!” It resonated with everyone… well, everyone but me. Continue reading…


How To Visit A Teen In The Hospital

Read Time: 3 minutes

Hospital visits can be intimidating as a youth worker. It’s a scary time, often filled with uncertainty as tests are being run or treatments are being discussed. It’s one thing to know in your gut you should go, it’s quite another to know what you do when you get there. Continue reading…