Imagine you have as much money as Macklemore has in the song “Thrift Shop.” You decide to purchase a gross of tags. Each tag costs 10 cents. How much money do you have left over?

That was my favorite question from a Parents Vs. Teens Trivia game we played at a recent family night event. Last week I shared how we used text messaging as a buzzer system for a trivia game. I got a few questions about how we actually presented the questions. It was actually pretty slick and really simple, here’s what we did:

I stumbled across a site called JeopardyLabs that lets you build simple flash Jeopardy style games. You simply go through and assign a question and answer to each square and you’re all set. The site generates a link to visit to play the game, including a little scorekeeper at the bottom. We just hooked up a laptop to the television and mirrored the screens. That way I could run the game from the computer but everyone was able to see the questions.

If you’d like to see it in action, check out our Parents vs. Teens trivia game from one of our family nights. (Feel free to use that too!) I was afraid I’d have to find a way to build the game in PowerPoint. It was fantastic to find a simple-to-use site that did exactly what we needed.

How about you? What website have you found to solve a specific challenge in your ministry?

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