Hi, I’m Luke.

I have the best job in the world; I get to be a Youth Pastor. That means I spend my days in the exciting messy place where faith and adolescence smush into each other. Plus sometimes paintball counts as work, so that’s pretty cool.

I’m a Youth Pastor because there’s nothing more life-changing than hope. And teens are some of the most hopeful people I’ve ever met. They’re the best at sharing hope with other people, as long as someone has shared hope with them.

That need for hope is also why I write this blog.

I write about Life and Faith and Youth Ministry

My thoughts about how to find hope and what it means to follow God are tied up in my role as a youth pastor. That’s why I write about all three.

This is not just a blog for youth pastors, it is for anyone who wants a peek into how other people make Jesus the center of their life. But because I’m a youth pastor, sometimes I like to share things I’ve learned from over a decade in ministry as well.


When I Write

I typically post new content two times a week.

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