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Jesus Was A Youth Pastor

The Power of a Teen-Focused Church

When I picture the disciples, my thoughts usually turn to the stained glass windows of old men in flowing robes and graying beards. What if, instead, those cathedral walls were lined with awkward young men just escaping the gauntlet of adolescence?

6 Great Podcasts for Youth Workers

Turn Your Drive Time Into Productive Time

Podcasting is the new blogging, or so it’s been said. And there’s a strong case to be made. I know I struggle to find time to sit and read all the blog posts I stumble across each week. It’s hard to find time to sit and read without being distracted by other things we need to do, or

How To Design A Youth Room

3 Philosophies for the Perfect Youth Space

Your youth room should tell your youth’s story. Every Wednesday night a parade of cars and SUVs wind their way down a dirt road to a house standing in a corn field. Our church purchased the house, and the field, years ago. Eventually, we plan to put a church building on it. For now the

How to Deal with PDA in Youth Ministry

Practical Approaches For Those Teens That Are Snuggling A Bit Too Often

The truth is, if you bring a group of teenagers together long enough, they’ll start to romantically connect. It’s a time of life where they are biologically dispositioned to mate and seek life long partnerships.

It is a fact of life, and a reality of youth ministry. PDA happens, and how a youth worker responds will shape the romantic lives of teens.