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How to Deal with PDA in Youth Ministry

Practical Approaches For Those Teens That Are Snuggling A Bit Too Often

The truth is, if you bring a group of teenagers together long enough, they’ll start to romantically connect. It’s a time of life where they are biologically dispositioned to mate and seek life long partnerships.

It is a fact of life, and a reality of youth ministry. PDA happens, and how a youth worker responds will shape the romantic lives of teens.

Five Tips For Writing A Message Teens Will Listen To

Writing lessons teens listen to is a famine or feast endeavor. Sometimes you’re cooking with gas, dishing up illustrations and takeaways galore. Sometimes you get halfway through a series and it feels like leftovers just getting reheated every week. In those times bad thoughts can creep in. “I’m just not interesting.” Or “Teens don’t care what